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In this day and age we realize that there are many ways to get the truth of The Kingdom to a much broader audience. So we are committed to have our teachings available on our website, as well available on our podcast channel on Itunes. So if you were inspired by a teaching and you want to refresh on the revelation, or you wanted to catch up where you may have missed out. Our teachings are always fresh and easily accessible via the web. So we hope you enjoy the teachings here at CFTN Payson.

Photo Gallary



Here at CFTN Payson we also believe strongly in community. We believe in people, and that when we connect with them at a real level we become one just as Jesus prayed in John 17. So when people get togather in the media age we always have our cameras out and selfies happen. So feel free to look through our photo gallery. As you will find we do enjoy a good time, because when Christians get togather it should be a party. So check out our photo life...

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Facebook is a given in everones life these days. We understand that in many peoples eyes you haven't arrived unless you have a facebook page. Well we've arrived lol. Like us our facebook page to recieve day to day updates on upcoming events as well as announcements of schedule changes, added pictures, and inspirational content. So just do it, like us on Facebook. :-)

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